Roller blinds is one of types of window covering that is commonly used nowadays. The easy maintenance feature is one of the key factor that window blind, especially roller blind, widely use not only for office space but also in apartments and houses. There are 2 kinds of system we provide in our company, manual and motorized system. quality and lifespan of the manual roller blind is depend on the component that is used to rolled the fabric. We use Tachikawa blind component (ex Japan) for our indoor blind and Siplan component (ex Spain) for our outdoor blind.Those 2 brand help us to ensure that every person that bought and installed our blind will experience a great blind that easily operate and will keep functioning well. For motorized system, we used 2 kinds of motor, Somfy motor system and Lutron motor system. During more than 10 years of our experience in assembling roller blinds, those 2 motor system give us a peace of mind that every motor blind we sold will serve its purpose for many years to come. For further information, click here

Vision, windows treatment, provide 4 brands of products that cover all the windows covering products, indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Manual Blind

  • Roller Blind – Standard Type
  • Roller Blind – Double System
  • Roller Blind – Large Type
  • Roman Shade – Standard Type
  • Roman Shade – Double System
  • Wood Blind – Standard Type
  • Wood Blind – Finger Joint Type
  • Curtain Fabric & Curtain Track/Rod

Motorized Blind, Skylight & Awning

  • Motorized Outdoor Blind
  • Motorized Indoor Roller, Roman Blind and Fabric Skylight
  • Motorized Awning and Pergola
  • Motorized Curtain Track

Indoor Motorized Blind

  • Sivoia QS Triathlon – Battery-powered Motorized Blind
  • Sivoia QS – Indoor Motorized Blind
  • Alena Pull-To-Start Drapery System – Indoor Motorised Curtain Track

Outdoor Manual Blind

Due to its efforts to offer maximum quality and the best service in its ample catalogue, SIPLAN has been able to join forces with a large number of customers, who identify with these aims.

Building Fabric Fascade

Building facade made from fabric is still a new concept in Indonesia but it is an interesting feature. Building fabric facade could be said as a fix version of outdoor blind. Using fabric as facade will allow wind and light go into the building. This will reduce the use of lighting and air conditioning. Normally it is used as the second layer of building facade with glass wall or window as the first layer. When fabric facade used as the only facade, it will create an outdoor experience indoor, without the rain and the heat. The breezy wind can still be felt.

Tensile Membrane Structure

Tensile membrane structure is a type of semi permanent structure which rely solely on tension instead of compression nor bending. This particular structure is typically installed as roofing element due to its superior economical value, design flexibility, luxurious and modern ambience, as well as faster construction time compared to conventional structure.

Flexibility in design and creation in various application

From a simple, yet, elegant car park to sport stadium have been covered. With its fabric-like properties, many unique and aerodynamic design can easily created using membrane structure material. A few common application being sports facilities, warehouse and storage building, and exhibition venue.

“if you can sketch it, we can build it”.

Fabric’s the key element, and steel’s the supporting structure

Two brands are normally used with both give 10 years of warranty, Serge Ferrari and Agtex. Founded in 1974 in France, Serge Ferrari is the world leader manufacturer of Précontraint technology for tensile membrane fabric. Their vast collection of membrane fabric is produced based on its application. Agtex is made by PT Ateja Grace Texindo which is the pioneer of fabric coating technology in Indonesia. The factory start manufacturing in 2014 using European state-of-the-art technology. Both of fabrics have 10 years warranty.

Stretch ceiling is a translucent fabric made from PVC material. It can transmit up to 90% of the light while create a luminous glow. The application of stretch ceiling fabric is similar to acrylic. Aside from it’s lustrous effect, the fabric roll is 4m wide, much wider than acrylic sheets. This means you can create limitless engaging designs without worrying about fabric connection.

Our stretch ceiling use aluminum track system that hold the fabric in place after stretching. This track can maintain the shape of the fabric long after installation was finished. Various shape, from 3D objects to curve shape object, from pubric area (shopping malls, hotels, cafes) to private area (living rooms, walk in closet, bathrooms) have been made in this past 8 years.

Unlimited application for ceiling and other parts of the rooms

It can be used to make a decorative building column, decorative hanging and standing lamp, interior decoration, backdrop, background in any room and can be printed using our UV printing technology. For the design, you can just send us the sketch and we will help designing for you.

High quality products with 10 years warranty

We are an official distributor and installer of French-made Barrisol® stretch ceiling and Chinese-made Stretch Ceiling. It is a PVC membrane faric that can hold it shape for a long time. All of the tracks and fabrics will be measured according to the shape and design and it will be shaped using a special edging system. Stretch Ceiling can help you create your design. Send your design to us and we will propose the best price in Indonesia. Try shaping it as unique as you like. Click here for more info.

Armstrong start as a cork manufacturer in 1900 and for few decades, they have produces a lot of products from asphalt tile to linoleum. In 1962, they start producing vinyl flooring and become the leader in flooring industry. With their company motto of “Let the buyer have faith” they continue producing high quality vinyl and carpet and have marketed their product all around the world. In 2016, they separated their flooring division into new company Armstrong Flooring. Now, they are the North America largest flooring manufacturer.

Numerous carpet tile design and pattern for all kinds of rooms

Rain and sunlight, two most concerning elements when we talked about comfortable of the living space. These two elements had been a concern since the old days. Ancient Egyptian and Syrian used what they called “woven mats†to shade their market stall and their houses. The oldest written text about the used of fabric-like material came from a Roman poet Lucretius, in 50 BC, saying “Linen-awning, stretched, over mighty theaters, gives forth at times, a cracking roar, when much ’tis beaten about, betwixt the poles and cross-beamsâ€. Since then, the material used to shade us from rain and sun has evolved tremendously. We are now used to a canvas fabric in awnings and umbrellas.

Not long after that period people started manufacturing a retractable awnings. The first retractable awning was produced and installed in the second half of the 19th century. Retractable awnings gave the owner a sort of control over the weather. When the heavy rain comes or the sun gets really hot, the owner, or the home automation system, can unroll the awning for a quick protection. Nowadays, there are many options of retractable awning and umbrella that can be used depending of the functionality and the aesthetics.

Fix Canvas Awning

We provide Sattler canvas fabric for our awnings, for fix-type, umbrella-type and retractable-type awning.


The company Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH is part of the Sattler Group, a family-owned corporation headquartered in Austria that operates worldwide. Sattler is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of special textiles for outdoor use, and are also experts in planning and implementing building with membrane constructions. Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH headquarters are located in Gössendorf, Austria. The value chain ranges from the weaving and finishing, to the coating process. The applications are varied with the highest demands on functionality, reliability, durability and environmental responsibility. Sattler develop tailor-made solutions together with the customers.

Retractable-type Awning


Retractable awnings use several arms to hold the bottom bar upward and create a nice shades. This type of retractable awning can be operated manually or motorized and can be connected to home automation system. A single retractable awning can be 5,5 m long and 4,5 m wide. The difference between pergola and retractable awning, beside the maximum size, is that when several retractable awning installed together (side by side) there will be a 25 cm gap between the awnings. Our retractable awning used a European component with combination of Sunbrella fabric of Sattler fabric.


Umbrella awning is the most common retractable awning today. It is used in many outdoor cafes and coffee shops. The minimalistic design give the owner an instant and temporary solution when the sun gets really hot. Depending on the location and function, the pole can be placed at the center or at the side of the umbrella and the shape of the umbrella can be circle or square. A single umbrella can be produced up to 3 m wide and it give enough space to put a table and 4 chairs beneath.